From the start, three main principles have guided operations and decisions in SANZ – PRODUCTION, QUALITY and DEVELOPMENT – and they remain the same today.

SANZ is a byword for QUALITY in the spare part sector and among automotive manufacturers, and the brand is recognised and respected the world over. Crankshafts are a key part of an engine, so technical development has to be very precise in order to withstand critical working conditions and to achieve optimal engine performance.

PRODUCTION because the company policy has always been to keep every phase of the transformation process in the Spanish region of Aragon. And from the 1940s repair shop to today’s production plant, SANZ has retained control over its products. From reception of raw materials to the final packaging of parts to be sent to customers, every operation takes place within our facilities.

The first step in manufacturing is to check with the Metallographic Laboratory that both the composition and structure of the raw materials correspond with the forging needed so that the parts can be machined.

In addition to the various controls and checks made during the process, 100% of the crankshafts undergo a final check to ensure that they fall within the parameters accepted by the Quality Department. Depending on the amount produced in each batch, a number of parts are also sent for analysis in the Metrology Laboratory where the latest 3D technology and dynamic dimensional tests are used.