Privacy Conditions

BASS OEM Spare Parts brand (here in after shall be briefly referred to as “BASS”) accepts, declares and agrees that names, electronic mail addresses, office and home addresses, telephone numbers and IP data and such other personal information (here in after shall be briefly referred to as “Personal Information”) provided by the visitors via the forms available on this site shall not be sold, leased or otherwise made available to third parties.

BASS shall use the personal information only for the following purposes:

Sending printed publications/correspondences, sending press releases or notifications by electronic mail, sending approval and bill of BASS Training you purchased,

However your personal information might be shared with third parties

  • in case of a written demand issued by legal authorities
  • for the purpose of protecting and defending property rights of BASS
  • within the framework you accepted in Terms of Use.

Only authorized BASS personnel and third party representatives who agreed to keep Personal Information confidential can access to the personal information. BASS can use statistical data (browser type, geographical location, age, sex etc.) derived from Personal Information for the purpose of improving the Website and/or BASS Training Module and having detailed information about the general consumer profile without actually disclosing the Personal Information. BASS owns all kinds of rights on the statistical data to be concluded.

BASS does not offer any guarantee about privacy policies of the third parties websites which you might visit through the links on this website and thus we strongly suggest you to review privacy policies of the sites you visit, including, before entering any information which might be classified as personal information.

Terms of Use

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BASS does not guarantee fitness of any content available on this website for any specific purpose. Besides, BASS shall not be responsible for any damage caused on your computer hardware or other properties or malicious software having access to your computer systems and related damages if you access, use this website or download any audio, image, written information and document from this website.

All kinds of comments, suggestions, ideas, graphics and such other information provided to us over the internet, excluding job applications, might be used by BASS for any commercial or non-commercial purposes without making a payment to you or any other third party. BASS is not obliged to keep confidential such information provided to it, excluding job applications.